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Eldest Brother, or what is called Batco (in Bulgarian) was launched as a production, advertising, and marketing

company in the Bulgarian city of Shumen in 2019 by its founder, Neven Al-Obri, in cooperation with a group of talented Arab and Foreign Designers .

The company has worked on a large international scale starting from Bulgaria, Syria, the UAE, Egypt and Turkey proceeding in Canada, America and other countries in
the world, which started blending the eastern and western civilizations together creating a world full of visual and artistic creativity in all their shapes and forms .

Since it was created, the company has worked to create an atypical image of the design field in all its areas, whether it was graphic design, animation or video editing.

In Batco, the fields of the designing and artistic, visual creativity were not sufficient to accomplish their aspirations, so they exceeded them to a more modern and creative world of social media management and content designing. It is our ambition at BATCO that this launch is the starting point for wider and larger fields in the near future.

To be the ideal choice for our clients in the design,
visual arts and content management sector,
both regionally and internationally

To be the leaders in providing comprehensive services in the
fields of design, artistic and visuals, montage and managing
social media platforms at prices that are quiet suitable for
all segments of clients and fulfills their aspirations and
goals with high quality and distinctive professionalism.

We have set work values that form the basis of the company’s
work to ensure customer satisfaction, as we believe in the
importance of work within a set of standards and principles.